“I recently moved to Taos to semi-retire. Type A personality, Wall Street type career. On my bucket list were activities such as Yoga, to help me achieve balance, to slow down a bit, to learn more about the spiritual side of life. I have always been physically active, but knew nothing about my body, my breathing, my capabilities, my inner self. Then I discovered Taos Yoga Therapy. Not only am I learning, but I was welcome with open arms to Taos. What I love about my dog is “unconditional love”. That is how I feel when I go to TYT.
– Gaar Stratton, Valdez, New Mexico

“Monique brings to yoga and yoga therapy extensive training and self-study in addition to many years of teaching.  This is classic yoga with attention to the individual even in a group class and proper breathing techniques creating a safe practice.  Body, breath and mind are integrated through all the disciplines of yoga, as if often claimed but not carried out by many teachers.”
-Martha Flanders, Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico

“Monique is one of the most accomplished yoga teachers I know. Her knowledge of the body through her extensive yoga therapy training makes her an excellent teacher. Also the space is intimate and serene. Take it from a fellow yoga teacher, Monique is the best! I go regularly!“
– Kandice Nachtrab, Taos, New Mexico

“I’ve been taking classes with Monique for six months now, and with the teachers she trained for about a year. I’d quit yoga classes years ago because I didn’t like the way they were taught. Monique doesn’t just pay lip-service to breathing; breath is intrinsic to the practice. She takes me deep into the asanas without any resistance, struggle, or injury. I think this is the way Yoga is supposed to be – evenness in body and mind, and thoroughly enjoyable. Not once have I looked at the clock and wondered are we done yet. I decided not to anticipate results but just do it, and now I am noticing some profound results in both strength and flexibility.”
– Hannah Rappaport, El Prado, New Mexico

“Taos Yoga Therapy offers something unique to the Yoga community in Taos:  individualized instruction in a class setting with an emphasis on the whole person.  Proper alignment with attention to the body in the asana, as well as focused breathing  while moving into and out of the posture are central to Monique’s teaching.  She is very well versed in normal body physiology and anatomy and able to modify postures for those with physical limitations and needs so that each participant is able to maximize her/his experience in the class.  Her instruction culminates in assisting each individual to come into a quiet state of mind where meditation is the natural outcome.”
– Janice Crouse, El Prado, New Mexico

Everyone will feel comfortable at Taos Yoga Therapy, regardless of yoga proficiency.  Svastha yoga as taught by Monique and those she has trained delivers great health benefits from even the simplest poses. Proper breathing is emphasized. Private instruction is available, too.”
– Christiane Riveles, El Prado, New Mexico

“I have been practicing yoga for about 6 years now and I have been teaching yoga in the community for about two and a half years now, but when I heard that Monique, my teacher, decided to open Taos Yoga Therapy I was so happy! I have been missing her teachings so much. She is always presenting something new to all of us. The workshops she puts together once a month are just amazing. I am really enjoying the space of Taos Yoga Therapy; she has all the props necessary and she is always showing in a very smart and safe way how to take advantage of them in case you need to adapt some of the poses. Monique and her teachings keep surprising me. She is an on going student and because of her constant growth we all grow with her.  I feel really blessed to have her here in our community!”
– Raquel Moncada, Taos, New Mexico

“Although I have practiced Hatha Yoga most of my adult life, it was only when Monique introduced me to Svastha Yoga that I realized Yoga is a “Way of Life.” I have participated in Monique’s classes for years now and am always filled with the depth of her knowledge about all aspects of yoga, the loving, personally supportive feel to her classes, the lovely, safe space where she holds her classes and her ability to constantly be evolving, growing and adapting to the needs and direction students and their Yoga practice need to be going. Monique is a gift to many individuals as well as to the extended Yoga Community of Taos. We ‘ e all so lucky to have Monique in our life!”
– Deborah Halpern, Angel Fire, New Mexico

“Taos Yoga Therapy is a wonderful yoga studiol with a beautiful, quite landscaped area that is relaxing and meditative. Monique is a very conscientious instructor, understanding the body and its functions. This and her compassion for each individual makes for the perfect instructions.”
– Penny Thor, Taos, New Mexico

“Monique is a compassionate and gifted teacher. Through many years of experience in her own practice and education, she has developed yoga therapy classes which are gentle, but also challenging, and combine meditation and chanting. The sessions have helped to stabilize my blood pressure and to feel more at peace and happy.”
– Sherry Koch, Taos, New Mexico

“Monique has this wonderful, loving and natural ability to teach the many facets of yoga. She lights up my life. We are so fortunate to have her here in Taos.”
– Joanie Donnelly, Taos, New Mexico

“Monique leads us through a very natural and fluid routine which changes each time I participate. I literally feel like I am walking on air afterwards, plus I am so much stronger.”
– Beth Plowman, Taos, New Mexico

“As a yoga therapist and teacher, Monique is an expert guide. Not only does she have sharp insight, she lives and embodies the true authentic teachings of the ancient art and science of yoga. Her life is dedicated to yoga off and on the mat. The reason she shines in her work is because she studies and relishes in continual learning of yoga as a science of the mind. Having had both private and group mentoring from Monique, to my delight I have accessed deep inner peace within during her instruction. I have participated in many many different yoga classes over the past 20 years and Monique stands out as an authentic, well grounded, knowledgeable teacher. I am grateful to know her.”
– Heather Penny, Fredericksburg, Virginia

“I want to thank you, Monique, from deep in my heart, for today’s precious class. What was offered today was the most breathless class I have ever taken. As I was walking away, I thought if every class could be this profound, life is bliss. It was truly what was needed by my soul.”
– Susan Lewis, Pilar, New Mexico

“Started Yoga with Monique in August. I was a beginner and Monique made it easy for me to learn comfortable positions that would help the pain in my neck and shoulder. The small classes made it nice for Monique to give personal attention to each student. I leave the class feeling calm, relaxed and balanced. The studio is tucked away in a nice quiet area, very peaceful.”
– Pam Mirabal, Florida & Taos, New Mexico

“I arrived at the doorstep of Taos Yoga Therapy thoroughly depleted by a long illness. My breathing was constricted by stress. My muscles ached. My stamina was nil. I needed healing for body and soul, and I found it under Monique’s gentle, attentive, and learned guidance. This is not ‘twist into a pretzel ‘ yoga or ‘hot until you drop’ yoga. The studio is a sanctuary of serenity and self care. Every posture is a vessel for meditative breath. After each session, I feel greater strength and flexibility as well as a deep sense of calm, balance, and harmony. I highly recommend Monique and the teachers she has trained at Taos Yoga Therapy. In fact, I don’t think I would have found renewed health if I hadn’t walked in that door a few months ago.”
– Barbara Norris, Dallas, Texas and Taos, New Mexico

Monique is an excellent Yoga instructor.  She is highly experienced and very intuitive.  She has studied in India and brings to her Yoga class a great deal of knowledge as a result of many years of practice.  Every class is unique and I appreciate the 90 minute sessions which gives my entire mind and body a thorough reintegration.  I have a 200 yoga certification and have also studied sound healing.  I appreciate the conscious breathing which is a component of every asana plus the sound and meditative aspects to each session.  I also love the peaceful setting of the studio and Monique’s ability to create a safe Yogic environment for a wide range of age and physical abilities.
– Jean Stevens, Taos, New Mexico

“A complete yoga practice: joyful, meditative, deeply healing, nourishing body and mind. Am achieving strength without stress or strain, and flexibility as the gentle unfoldment of my potential. All movement is breath-centered and connected to consciousness of one’s deepest well being. I’ll never go back to all the other yoga’s I’ve tried. This is the real deal.”
– Virgnia Leighton, Taos, New Mexico

“When I walked through the door, I noticed something was different about the classes here. They were soft, they were nourishing, they left you breathless in their scope. Taking classes with Monique were profound and deep as a reflection of who she is and her own many years of practice. The breath becomes the movement and the movement becomes a silent witness to the body/mind. It is the most wonderful experience you can imagine as a very unique practice of yoga that fills you deeply.”
– Susan Lewis, Embudo, New Mexico

“I am not one to post testimonials online.  This was my first time visiting Taos on vacation and my only plans were to get some skiing/snowboarding in. I have been having issues for the few years with neck and back pain, along with tension headaches.  I attributed my issues to a combination of spending to much time at my computer, poor posture and high stress levels.  I have tried everything from doctors, chiropractors, acupuncture, massage, inversion table and I even started taking yoga classes a couple of years ago at a local studio.  All of these would help a little but, just not like I needed.  I found Taos Yoga Therapy with Monique Parker online.  What interested me was a class she offers called “Yoga Therapy for Back, Neck and Shoulders”.  This sounded exactly like what I needed.  After attending several group classes as well as a couple of private lessons from Monique I feel compelled to share my experience.

I was nervous for the first class.  I wasn’t sure what Svastha Yoga was and how it would differ to the yoga classes I had attended.  Monique is an amazing teacher and from the minute I stepped into the studio I felt welcomed and comfortable. I would recommend showing up early because the classes filled up fast.  I have never included chanting as part of a yoga class and wasn’t sure if I would like it.  I found it surprisingly peaceful and now I can’t imagine practicing yoga without it.  The poses we did in the class are simpler but more effective then what I have practiced in the past. My prior experience with Yoga had never completely made sense to me.  Some of the poses and the movements felt good but, I couldn’t get my thoughts focused.  I obsessed over whether I was doing the poses correctly or thought about what was going on that day.  Monique’s teaching of Svastha yoga helped me get to a place where I could finally quiet my mind.

Everyone has different needs. I would highly recommend private sessions for anyone from a beginner like myself to someone who has practiced yoga for years. I believe Monique can help improve your practice.  In my private sessions, we began with working on my breathing.  I did not realize I had been doing it incorrectly.  After one session I immediately felt the difference.  The corrections to my breathing gave me sensation similar to a caffeine rush, but better. Monique also put together a simple asana and mantra practice for me to do everyday.  The poses she gave me to were tailored for my specific needs and the amount of time I was willing to commit to practicing daily.  This has been life changing!!!  I start everyday with my practice.  It’ clears my mind and I feel ready for anything.  In just the first 3 weeks, my neck and back pain went away. Nothing else I have ever done has worked for more then a couple days.  More then anything the practice has helped me to control my stress. My blood pressure has gone down to the point I may no longer need medication.  My mind is clearer and I feel more productive. I don’t want to make this sound like it’s some kind of magic pill.  It’s not.  You must have an open mind and be willing to make changes.  You must also put time and effort into your practice.  If you are ready to make these changes, I can’t imagine a better place to start then visiting Taos Yoga Therapy.  What you gain might truly be priceless.”
– Mark Harris, Kansas