Yoga Retreats
Yoga Retreat

Taos Yoga Therapy offers workshops, retreats, and trainings throughout the year. Each program is designed to inspire, educate, and deepen your practice. From intimate workshops to residential retreats and professional trainings, the diversity of events makes the authentic teachings of Svastha Yoga and yoga therapy accessible to everyone and every budget. To help you find what you’re interested in, this section is organized into three types of events:

  • Topics Workshops enable teachers and serious students to more thoroughly immerse themselves in a variety of topics, such as chanting, therapeutic yoga, The Yoga Sutras, meditation, and asana mechanics over the course of a morning, weekend, or several weeks.
  • Residential Retreats afford the space and solitude for the development of daily spiritual practice. These all-inclusive yoga vacations are an ideal way to unplug from familiar surroundings in order to embark on a new wellness path or delve more deeply into your existing practice.
  • Professional Trainings empower practitioners with practical, timeless knowledge and the tools to bring about transformation in your life. The Svastha Yoga Program for Well Being and Yoga Teacher Certification in the Tradition of Sri T. Krishnamcharya is intended for the committed practitioner who wishes to deepen their practice, the serious student interested in building a firm foundation to teach yoga, and yoga teachers from all schools seeking understanding of authentic principles of yoga.